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Ayurveda Massage


Ayurveda Massage Therapy is considered an important part of the traditional holistic medicine system of India, to restore the balance of body-mind-spirit. Ayurveda is a holistic science, based on the principles that study the human being as a whole.

 Ayurveda originated about five thousand years ago. This ancestral philosophy is based on the restoration of inner harmony through the traditional practice of cleaning and caring for the body and spirit through food, yoga, purification and massage.

With the Ayurveda massage, the whole organism is unlocked, inducing the mind in a state of immense inner peace. Ideal to lift the mood and very useful to treat insomnia, stress and emotional block.

To the rhythm of the waves of the sea, with deep and relaxing movements, tension is released, the lymphatic system is activated and all the body systems are renewed.


Among its many benefits, include the improvement of the immune system, body posture and bone structure. The increase in flexibility in muscles and tendons. The joint mobilization and subsequent elimination of toxins provides a deep relaxation of the nervous system helping effectively in cases of stress, anxiety or depression.


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