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Traditional Thai Massage


Traditional Thai Massage or Nuad Boran is a treatment influenced by the culture and traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine in India and Traditional Chinese Medicine, with healing and relaxing purposes, applying pressure techniques that remind us of Shiatsu or Tuina.

Characterized as a body therapy performed at the rhythm of breathing on a futon on the floor, applying stretching techniques and deep pressures, dressed in comfortable cotton clothing.

Several passes are made with pressures of palms and fingers, which follows a route from the feet to the head, combining simultaneously with postures of stretching in movement that unlock deep muscles and joints.

Many postures of this massage are yoga asanas, in which, working along with breathing, points and meridians are pressed that the Chinese or Ayurvedic Medicines use in their treatments of prevention and recovery of health.

Recommended for the treatment of numerous ailments such as headache, back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, cervicalgias, lumbago, rigidity, insomnia, etc.

A Thai massage significantly improves the nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and immune systems globally, by combining stretches, compressions, joint mobilizations and reflex stimulations, which, chained to a regular and constant rhythm in harmony with breathing, stimulate and unblock the Free flow of Lom by the Sen lines.

A treatment of several sessions will help you to combat insomnia, reduce stress and anxiety, relax mental and body tension, improve blood circulation and lymph.

As well as increase flexibility, correct posture, release old physical and energy blockages and harmonize the balance between sympathetic and para-sympathetic, helping you recover your vital energy.


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