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Shiatsu Massage at Home


Shiatsu is a massage technique imported from the East, traditionally used for thousands of years as therapy in disease prevention or as a healthy treatment for strengthening and recovering health.

Shiatsu is a complete massage, which is applied throughout the body, working from the toes to the head, with digit-pressure based on relaxation or stimulation of acupuncture points of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where the blockages are pressed to the rhythm of the breath until the energy flow of the meridians is liberated and balanced, in order to achieve an important sensation of relief and rest in body and mind.

It is performed on a futon, dressed in comfortable cotton clothing where the therapist uses his hands, knees, legs and feet to exert pressure and stretching that is combined with joint mobilizations and stimulation at the acupuncture points of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Indicated also for pregnant women and people with chronic pain. It is advisable to receive periodic sessions as treatment after suffering injuries, to increase flexibility, relieve chronic pain, sciatica, lumbago, ...

Shiatsu helps you sleep better, relaxes you and increases your energy level. On the other hand, it is beneficial to combat stress and headaches, relieve menstrual pain, balance hormones, eliminate depression, fatigue, irritability and muscle spasms among many other ailments.


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