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Yoga & Massage at Home   

Yoga +Sage


Yoga & Massage Fusion

Full enjoy best massage technics during your Yoga Practice.

You are lucky ! The teacher is also a therapist and can help you to relieve tensions and take out blockages during your asanas play.

Most effective way to do Yoga: You perform your Yoga practice and we undo the tensions of your body with pressures or corrections assistance !

Don't miss this great combination and inclusive opportunity to learn more about your body with a experimented master's help.

Have you already tasted before ? 


A Yoga +Sage class is a practice, in which a Yoga session is combined, with different massage techniques applied within each Meditation, Asana or Pranayama.


Many already know that Yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit, and that practicing Yoga can bring countless benefits to the totality of your Being. If a Yoga session, we add the massage, the result can be very healing .


With a fussion like this, you can connect directly with the wisdom of your Body, the desired peace of your Mind and the dazzling beauty of your Spirit. An easier and friendly way to deepen your self-knowledge through Yoga.


Whether you already practice, like you have never tried Yoga before, or you are a masseuse and want to learn something good, ... do not hesitate,


Yoga +Sage class is for everyone!



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