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Focusing Yoga



Focusing Yoga is an exercise that combines, the method of self-awareness and bodily oriented emotional healing known as Focusing, with a Yoga class, that helps to pay attention to your body, in a gentle way and with total acceptance in what happens in the present moment of your practice.


It is the best way to get in touch with emotions or feelings from a bodily sensation that we call "sense". It seems vague, unclear, diffuse, which usually manifests in the throat area, chest, stomach and abdomen. It is presented as a "something" or an image, it has emotional qualities that, when accepted, can kindly transform and heal the physical body.


An experiential method, which is a powerful resource of emotional liberation through any form of Yoga and, which adds therapeutic efficacy to each session, in classes that adapt to each person and their present situation, with the help of a simple tool that It consists of 6 steps and they are developed during each personalized session or to experiment in a group.


Try this amazing Yoga & Focusing fusion session to discover where are your blockages or limitations and work in them through the present moment of your sensations in your Yoga practice.


Go deep in your self-knowledge with Focusing Yoga !


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