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Kobido Massage is a facial rejuvenation treatment that brings beauty, health and radiance to the face.

Kobido means "ancient way of beauty". Method of Japanese origin, which in ancient traditions was reserved, its exclusive use, to royalty.

Designed to prevent or increase health and longevity, Kobido is an interesting combination of modern methods of facials and traditional Asian concepts.

It consists of soft and deep facial manipulation techniques, rapid percussion movements, kneading, digit-pressure and tapping, which together with the therapy of meridians and acupuncture points, creates a revolutionary facial treatment, which produces a natural lifting effect without the need for a scalpel.

They can stand out, among his innumerable benefits, the elimination of wrinkles and lines of expression, the reduction of bags and dark circles, the improvement of the deep and superficial circulation of the skin, ...

It also reaffirms muscles and skin, brings luminosity to the face, activates, fills, rejuvenates and tones.

With the application of a series of movements of variable intensity, circulation of the face, head, neck, shoulders and upper chest is favored, eliminating dead cells and promoting the production of collagen and elastic.

It stimulates the nervous system, improves the circulation of energy, reduces stress, bruxism and facial rigidity, relieves migraines and even improves eyesight.

A fashionable treatment since ancient times. The first to benefit from kobido massage were samurai, to calm the mind and gain inner strength. Japanese empresses used it to wear porcelain skin. Nowadays, Kobido massage is the best alternative, for the care and beauty of the face, without having to go through the operating room.


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