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Reiki is a Japanese technique whose sole objective is to channel universal energy through the hands.

An energy treatment, which works by channeling energy through meditation in the present moment, to transmit the essence of which the universe is composed, light, which impregnates with love all that needs to be illuminated.

With no other intention than to be a mere channel of transmission, it helps people activate their auto-healing and to feel a sense of peace, well-being and relaxation from the first session.

With a treatment, our self-healing abilities are strengthened that favor a positive change towards habits and healthier life behaviors, to longer term.

Releases blockages of the physical, mental and astral bodies, as happens with other oriental energy therapies such as acupuncture and shiatsu.

It enhances the innate self-healing capacity that we all carry within, creating a holistic state of harmony and balance, which allows us to make a global positive transformation.

With long and subtle touches, a journey is made that goes from the head to the feet, stopping in all the chakras or energy centers, a skin feature or a few centimeters above it. Sometimes a sensation is so comforting, that invites whoever receives it, to sleep during the whole session.

That's right, simple but effective, Reiki treats physical, mental and emotional ailments, as also those who have already tried it.

As an anti-stress method, it is very effective. It also relieves pain in hospital patients and helps alleviate the side effects of treatments, especially in the oncology section.

It also helps in the recovery of other pathologies when combined with psychological or pharmacological therapy. Therefore, it is being considered in the field of Western medicine, as a complementary therapy, instead of an alternative.

The Reiki method was created by Dr. Usui in Japan in 1920 and is already practiced in more than 800 hospitals in the USA. In England and Germany you can access Reiki from Social Security. In Spain we also started to enjoy it in some hospitals like in Ramón y Cajal or Puerta de Hierro.

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